Syndjinn Scott

Syndjinn Scott


A native of Mobile, AL Syndjinn Scott started miniature painting under the tutelage of Golden Demon winner Bill Rodgers here at MobiCon back in the mid-80s. After many years of competition, study, and practice he founded Pickman Studios in Denver, CO 6 years ago with his children Arianna and Orion.

Over the years Syndjinn has won many awards in miniature painting as well as 3 Bronze Medals (Historical, Fantasy, and Diorama) at the prestigious World Expo Chicago 2017, 2 time Honorable Mention in the Bust Category at the Crystal Brush, Best Sci-fi 2003 Pensacola Miniature Figure Expo and multiple Gold, Silver, and Bronze with CMPA, PMFA, Coastal Assault, Gencon, and 2 time Honorable Mention at the Atlanta Golden Demons. Currently working as a freelance painter and box art painter for Collapse Industries and Black Heart Models.

Syndjinn will be hosting a couple of instructional seminars through the weekend and will be helping to lay the groundwork for a professional miniature painting competition in the years ahead. Be sure to stop by his booth through the weekend to see his latest masterpieces.
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