Rikativity is a nerd/pop culture artist and cosplayer based out of the Florida Panhandle.

Cosplaying for nearly 10 years, Rika became friends with some of the most talented cosplayers and photographers in the southeast after moving to Florida in 2013. With their inspiration and support, her cosplay portfolio expanded dramatically, which led to winning multiple local awards and making appearances at conventions along the Gulf Coast. She believes that cosplay is the biggest love letter to a character or series, and loves how it brings fans together.

The creative and skill-building nature of cosplay reawakened Rika’s life-long love of illustration and painting. She uses her art and cosplay to express her passion for stories and characters she loves, as well as connect to fellow fans who love them too.

When not cosplaying or drawing, Rika enjoys tabletop gaming, international foods, and all things Disney.

You can view her cosplay work on Facebook and Instagram @Rikativity, and her artistic journey at @RainyDayMermaid. Rika is also the co-founder of @LegendsofWonderland, a cosplay group dedicated to spreading positivity through all forms of cosplay.
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