Back In Time Cosplay

Back In Time Cosplay

Our 2018 Cosplay Contest Best in Show winners!

Back In Time Cosplay consists of a father-daughter and father-son team from Pace Florida. Shep and Morgan Seabrook along with Aaron and Chris Homer have been on the cosplay scene since 2014 when they attended their first Con and they got bit by the convention/cosplay bug.

In 2015 they entered the kids in their first cosplay event and the joy and excitement from the kids (and Dads) from participating fueled their fire to get more involved and enjoy all that cosplay and conventions have to offer.

With Shep’s artistic and creative abilities and Aaron’s concepts, this team has taken their love for the movies and characters they grew up with to a new level. They have cosplayed as such 80’s classics as Back to the Future, Spaceballs, Escape from New York, A Christmas Story, and The Three Amigos. This cosplay group has only been around for a few years but they would like to continue to learn, grow, and guide others in the wonderful world of cosplay.
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